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Avlon Consultores A.I.E.  was born from the synergies of several professional consulting and auditing firms with more than thirty years offering quality services, located in Barcelona, Bilbao, Castellón, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Madrid, Tenerife and Palma de Mallorca.

Our services are based on adding solutions and added value to each of the consulted situations. We help organizations and people to create value and grow in their business, obtaining results, offering proximity and individualized treatment.

A committed human team, with cutting-edge technological tools and framed in our corporate values:


To define and make the best decisions with the best results, with the implication of a high degree of integration and dedication.


To make the best use of the available resources, as well as look for different improvement options for both the organization and the client


Declaration of principles in the work team, which are planned and applied correctly to achieve the objectives with a high degree of professionalism, loyalty and quality.

Quality Commitment

Avlon, a human team committed to the quality and rigor of our services and work

No Displacements

We have the ability to serve our clients in the main cities of Spain

Wide Range of Services

We are characterized by offering a wide range of services in the economic and financial field

Providing Solutions

Our services are based on adding solutions and added value to each of the consulted situations

Close and Individualized Treatment

We are always interested in the needs of our clients, offering proximity and individualized treatment




Performed Services

Successful Cases
The satisfaction of our clients is our greatest reward

Leading Company in the Steel and Metallurgical Sector


The financial director, at the request of the board of directors, required an analysis report of the most outstanding ratios of the company. Our report revealed a low debt situation, which, together with optimal cash flow indicators and a generous income forecast, through the contracting of new projects, advised new investments.


The new investments in machinery, as a consequence, in part, of our recommendations, have led to a notable increase in sales and the possibility of covering a greater number of orders and, therefore, expanding the supply market, becoming internationalized.

Important Company in the Chemical Sector


The board of directors entrusts us with the feasibility study on the acquisition of a chemical company in a member country of the European Union with a very low rate of profitability and the determination of an indicative purchase price. After our study and calculations of future projections, we helped the client by determining the price to be used in the negotiation to optimize their investment, as well as to carry out the appropriate restructuring to increase its profitability.


After finalizing the transaction, our client was able to recover the value of the investment in a shorter period of time than he estimated. On the other hand, it provided him with new markets in his Spanish society.

Local Public Administration


The Comptroller and the Head of the Collection Service have commissioned us to analyze the municipal census and the census of self-employed workers and companies with the aim of determining whether local taxes (IBI, garbage fees, openings, etc.) were in accordance with the ordinances municipal authorities and if the collection that was being made was correct.


With the use of Power BI we have carried out an exhaustive analysis of the requested parameters and those that we have considered necessary to carry out the work and the result of our work has meant a significant increase in the collection and control of taxpayers in business matters.

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