Range of Services


We carry out verification work aimed at offering a “guarantee of compliance” with the Regulations applicable to your organization in accounting-financial, budgetary, commercial, labor, etc.
  • Limited reviews of agreed financial statements and / or procedures. Due Diligence of purchase and sale
  • Consolidation of financial statements
  • Management and budget audits
  • Preparation of Non-Financial Information Statements (EINF)
  • Verification reports of the Non-Financial Information State


We carry out audit work aimed at investigating possible cases of fraud and irregularities due to accounting manipulation or other types of illegal or unethical practices.

We intervene as “independent experts” in economic and financial matters for the resolution of judicial and extrajudicial conflicts.

  • Analysis of the economic impact associated with a contractual breach
  • Quantification of claims in situations of economic-financial imbalance within the framework of concessions
  • Issuance of reports to accomplish with the requirements of labor regulations, especially in Employment Regulation Records (E.R.E.) and individual dismissals as a result of economic, organizational, technical or production causes
  • Valuation of companies, business units or certain assets
  • Advice on bankruptcy matters


We develop work aimed at professional support for administrative and financial management.
  • Analysis and strategic planning.
  • Business plans, financing and viability
  • Diagnosis of companies in crisis and evaluation of the viability plan
  • Debt restructuring and refinancing
  • Budget preparation or evaluation
  • Analysis, design, redesign and documentation of business processes
  • Financial optimization of public and private companies.
  • Diagnosis of public and private companies
  • Analysis, evaluation and preparation of manuals of functions and procedures
  • IAS / IFRS services, IAS / IFRS adaptation process
  • Business valuation
  • Advice on financial restructuring processes
  • Transfer of companies and generational change
  • External advice on Boards of Directors
  • Advice on the preparation of sustainability and social balance reports
  • Assistance in the preparation and review of financial information
  • Advice on consolidation policies and systems
  • Implementation of economic indicators
  • Review and advice on accounting systems or procedures
  • Other financial


We offer services aimed at the professional outsourcing of tasks or processes of your Organization, making its structures more flexible and professionally guaranteeing the result of the actions.
  • Controller
  • Outsourcing of financial-administrative processes
  • Accounting Service
  • Tax Service
  • Labor Service
  • Legal Advice

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